Yuri Shepeta

Yuri Shepeta is a pianist, composer, harmonist, Konstantin Meladze's musical partner and leader of the orchestra in the “Voice of the Country” (Ukr. “Holos Krainy”) music show.

He was born in Vinnytsia on the 31st of December 1969 to a musical family.
In 1977 Yuri entered a music school where participated in the annual competition of composers during last 4 years of the studies.
In 1985 he organized his first jazz concert at the music school. The same year he entered Leontovych Music College in Vinnytsia and studied there the Theory of Music organizing jazz concerts and festivals. From 1988 till 1990 Mr. Shepeta served in the army and participated in the “The Red Star” (Rus. “Krasnaya Zvezda”) company of the Soviet Army. In 1991 he graduated from the college and during 10 years participated in different jazz festivals as an organizer. Then he worked as a composer and a harmonist at the Puppet Theatre of Vinnytsia. In 1997 Yuri moved to Kyiv. He worked as a musician and a harmonist together with Oksana Bilozir, later with Taisia Povaliy.

In 2002 started cooperating with Konstantin Meladze. 

He also contributed to the seventh Russian “Star Factory” (Rus. “Fabrika Zvezd 7”) and to the third Ukrainian “Star Factory” (Ukr. “Fabryka Zirok 3”)

From 2010 he has been participating in the creation of “Voice of the Country” (Ukr. “Holos Krainy”) music show.

Yuri is also a co-author and a harmonist of THE GREAT GATSBY BALLET.