Vyacheslav Okunev - set and costume designer of THE GREAT GATSBY ballet

Vyacheslav Okunev is an extremely talented artist with a wealth of experience across the most renowned stages in the world. He has now joined an international team of THE GREAT GATSBY ballet to design the set and costume image of the project.


Current set and costume designer of the Mikhailovsky theatre. Okunev has already stareted working on the sketches for the ballet. As THE GREAT GATSBY is a timeless performance with a light fleur of the 20s, a new interpretation by an artist as creative as Okunev is bound to invigorate F.S. Fitzgerald's story.

While still a student, Vyacheslav Okunev was invited to work with the Maly Opera (Mikhailovsky) and the Kirov Theatre (Maiinsky). He has worked as a set and costume designer on over three hundred productions since 1975. Over the years he has worked with companies including the  Theatre Royal in Glasgow, the Greek National Opera, the Theatre Wielki (Poland), Hungarian National Opera (Budapest), the National Theatres in Seoul and Tokyo, New York City Ballet and the Theatre Cagliari, La Scala and the Arena di Verona in Italy.


Choreographer and director of the project Dwight Rhoden is working closely with the new set and costume designer of the ballet to achieve the most efficient integration of the artistic potential of the creative team of THE GREAT GATSBY. Vyacheslav Okunev’s professionalism inspires great anticipation for the unveiling of the set and costumes for THE GREAT GATSBY ballet.