The Great Gatsby in Minsk

Ballet staging - it is a combination of classical and contemporary dance, symphonic and jazz music, and cinema. The basis of dance performance - the eponymous novel by American writer Francis Fitzgerald. Shaw has put the most demanded choreographer of our time, according to the New York Times, Dwight Rhoden. On stage, only the best soloists of Ukrainian, Russian and American Ballet. By the way, music performance plastic belongs to the maestro Konstantin Meladze. This is the debut of the composer as the author of the music for the ballet.

Dwight Rhoden, director, choreographer (USA): "On the stage, we can see the chic 20's This is expressed in suits, as well as noticeable on plastic, choreography, but this is only the emphasis I think that.." The Great Gatsby "- is history for all time. It can exist in the time of the writing of the novel and can happen in our time"

The Great Gatsby Ballet had arrived the day before, but the court actors have tested only a few hours before the premiere in Minsk. In the Belarusian capital is a festive show. It was October 28, 2014 premiere of the ballet in Kiev.