Ukrainian composer Konstantin Meladze decided to reach new heights and wrote music for a ballet, performed by Denis Matvienko.

A new project was presented in Kiev, featuring composer Konstantin Meladze, dancer Denis Matvienko, American choreographer Dwight Rhoden and video director Alan Badoev. All of them are masters in what they do and together they work on the international ballet following The Great Gadsby novel written by American writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald.

Producer of the project Alena Matvienko stated: "We decided to create a ballet project, that wouldn’t be chained in frames of any format. To do something new."

How did you choose the composer for the ballet?

– Initially the idea appeared as a cooperation with Konstantin Meladze. We can’t imagine anyone else doing this work so there were no castings, just him – states Alena Matvienko.

- I was invited to take part in the ballet to extend the audience of people who will be watching. This will be a modern project. To introduce this elitist art to a wider audience the organizers invited me, because I work in a different genre - mass - said the composer.

Konstantin, the ballet is a new trait in your creative work. How were you getting ready and what was your inspiration before you get to work?

– People draw inspiration from various sources: some drink, others smoke. Basically from these sources I draw inspiration, to cut the story short (laughs, ed.). Speaking seriously, I’m inspired with those people I work with. I was afraid to take this project on and I was in between things: I felt strong and weak the same time. This is a very serious project, by the way, one of those Ukraine will be able to export abroad in future. That’s why I took this work very seriously that corresponds to the level of other participants. Without saying, I had to listen to a lot of things, obviously read Fitzgerald and watched a lot of various plays. This is very hard. I’m afraid this would be my first and last ballet.

It was also announced at the press-conference that on 11 December the video shoot of an announcing clip so as a completely independent product was to take place. The video will be done by a popular clip maker Alan Badoev. Music was written by Konstantin Meladze while the vocals were recorded by Russian singer Polina Gagarina.

Tell me, Konstantin, why Polina Gagarina was chosen to record vocals?

- Polina suits us in terms of the sound of her voice so as her appearance fits into the story. She looks very much like a ballerina: skinny and she will look very natural among other ballet dancers. That’s why after consulting with producers we made this decision.

So that was your idea?

– My idea was to involve a popular artist in the video clip. To open the doors to musical channels, we needed to use not only instrumental music but also some vocals. That’s why the selection was made together with choreographer and producer of the ballet.

To work on the international ballet, famous choreographer Dwight Rhoden was invited.

Dwight, you have already worked with Ukrainian and Russian dancers. Did you feel a difference between Ukrainian and American dance schools?

- There’s no difference between Russian and Ukrainian dancers, but there’s obviously a difference between your dancers and American. Ukrainian and Russian ballet school is far better developed and I like it. The Ukrainian audience is very thankful, there’s an unexplained connection between choreography on stage and reaction in the hall – this is incredible. Your dancers are very strong and passionate. It effects my choreography a lot, in a positive way.

Fans of work done by Meladze, Badoev and Denis Matvienko will see the video in February 2014, and in autumn 2014, the artists are promising to premier The Great Gatsby ballet.

Just to remind, producer Konstantin Meladze and Dmitriy Kostyuk are sharing the rights for VIA Gra brand since the moment the band broke up. Recently, the Court of Appeal adopted a new decision on the case: depriving the rights on the trade mark VIA Gra from Dmitriy Kostyuk.