The first auditions for the Great Gatsby ballet

The first auditions for the Great Gatsby ballet were held at the Mariinsky Theatre.  

 One of the main questions that have been of major interest in the cultural community is who will couple Denis Matvienko,performer of Jay Gatsby role.

In light of unusualness of the project crew there are a number of  curious speculations by journalists on this topic.

There were efforts to put on pointe not only Polina Gagarina but Vera Brezhneva as well. Creators of the ballet, keeping the secret alive, are not commenting on these conjectures, however they have slightly lifted the veil of mystery.

Auditions in the Mariinsky Theatre went in a calm way, without excessive attention to the process. It was reserved and professional. The author of libretto and ballet choreographer Dwight Rhoden had a final say in the selection of the dancers. He flew in from New York especially for the audition. Dwight was attending the ballet classes and rehearsals for three days, during which he selected the dancers.

Dwight Rhoden, Director/Choreographer of THE GREAT GATSBY:

“We have many choices still to make for the quarter ballet. I think we have at least half of them chosen so far. As far as the soloists go, the main roles - of course we know who Gatsby is, and we are currently looking at characters like Daisy and Myrtle, George and Tom Buchanan, and Jordan. We have ideas, but nothing is final yet - we're discussing.“

Dwight Rhoden is “one of the most sought out choreographers of the day” according to the New York Times, and his Complexions Contemporary Ballet tours are always sold out in every country.

Yuriy Fateev, Art Director of the Mariinsky Theatre ballet troupe:

“It was Diana Vishneva, who  brought Dwight Rhoden to Russia first, and a few of our ballet soloists had worked with him. But now a great number of artists have the honour to work with such a world-renowned choreographer. I think that is great artistic luck.”

During THE GREAT GATSBY ballet auditions Dwight was accompanied by  Art Director of the Mariinsky Theatre ballet troupe Yuriy Fateev, premiere of the Mariinsky Theatre and Art Director of THE GREAT GATSBY – Denis Matvienko, and project producer Alyona Matvienko.

Denis Matvienko, performer of Jay Gatsby role, Art Director of THE GREAT GATSBY BALLET:

“This is only the beginning of search for those, who can best fit the character. Our goal is to form two complete casts. As of today we have many options, but the rehearsals have not yet commenced, thus it is difficult to estimate as to how successful this selection will prove itself to be”.

Staging process of THE GREAT GATSBY ballet will begin in two months, and the world premiere is scheduled for October 2014.

Dwight Rhoden, Director/Choreographer of THE GREAT GATSBY:

“The libretto is written and I am going to hear some music very soon. I am going to start working on the movement in New York - in one week I have preliminary rehearsals with two of my assistants, and we will start getting the vocabulary, the movement and the quality of how the production will feel and look.

And when I come to New York I will meet with my lighting designer, also in about two weeks, to discuss the environment of the ballet production - how it will look and how it will feel on the stage.”

Alyona Matvienko, Producer of THE GREAT GATSBY:

“Today we can see that the work on the project is humming, and each participant can boast about some real results despite being in different countries. I am sure that we serve as an example that art is for all, hence representatives from Ukraine, Russia and USA can collaboratively work on the same project.”