A teaser video done for The Great Gatsby ballet in conjunction with Ukrainian Vogue comes out on TV screens. Valentina Klimenko managed to talk to the renowned choreographer Dwight Rhoden during the shooting.

The premier of the ballet directed by Denis Matvienko is scheduled for October bringing it to Kiev, St Petersburg and New York. American choreographer Dwight Rhoden had to translate the classical novel about golden 1920s into the ballet language.

He staged for Cirque du Soleil, Lenny Kravitz and Prince, so as worked on Hollywood movies and dance reality-shows. Dwight Rhoden knows how to unite street and classical dances and will surely manage the diverse team of The Great Gatsby (composer – Konstantin Meladze, premier – Denis Matvienko, soloist of Mariinskiy Theatre and other dancers whose names will be announced after the spring casting).

He was choosing “flexible” dancers. “We are looking for those who have something to express with the moves, who have their own point of view. Passion. This is very important. They should definitely be versatile and have good classical technique however know how to go beyond it – says Rhoden. - This will be the Show. Contemporary dance, classical – I want to create the feeling of theatrical rock-opera. I like to mix, my goal is to connect different worlds.”

He came to Kiev for the shooting of the teaser for the upcoming ballet. Director Alan Badoev shot a video with Denis Matvienko and singer Polina Gagarina to get the public ready for The Great Gatsby. In February the video comes out on TV.

The New York Times named Rhoden as one of the most sought out choreographers of the day.

His troupe Complexions, he created together with a brilliant dancer Desmond Richardson, is celebrating 20th anniversary this year. Dwight picked up ballet at 17.

Today, the 50 year old Rhoden, not only thinks what to stage for his jubilee, but also to dance himself. He is very critical about the shape he is in now, having doubt whether he needs to strip so much at the photo-shoot, but our whole team notes a wonderful relief and tone of the man who pushed further the frames of ballet art.

The Great Gatsby novel by Fitzgerald is experiencing a new wave of popularity.

Rhoden marks the fruitful visual soil saying he is interested in the hidden trait of the eccentric Jay Gatsby, his loneliness. “He looks like many of us in our scrambling across life in pursuit of success. You live in abundance, you seem to have everything and want more, however you still feel empty. I want to pay respect to the times the novel was set – golden 1920s, but also to develop the story a little. I want to show the story is eternal, and therefore relevant even now”.

It’s interesting what we’ll see in the end as Rhoden is famous for his love to abstract dance. Choreographer admits despite his respect to contemporary art he stuck on his beloved Picasso. “I understand the abstract nature of his works perfectly. I like what I find there, a lot of details. And I like details”. He says he hasn’t had a chance to visit any museums or galleries in Kiev yet. “I asked Denis how the things go here with contemporary art. I want to know this because I work more and more in Ukraine and Russia. I feel warmth and sympathy from the audience in this two countries. In America the taste to ballet is acquired: Americans prefer sports. Here the tradition exists for a long time and this is important”.