Alexandr and Alexey Polevie about ballet for the Forbes edition

Brothers Alexander and Alex Polevoy love ballet since childhood. A few years ago they were in the staging of "Kings of the Dance" and met with Denis Matvienko - eminent Ukrainian dancer. The result was the ballet The Great Gatsby. He wrote music for Konstantin Meladze, for whom this was the first experience in ballet. Choreography put American Dwight Rhoden, who had created a show for Lenny Kravitz and U2. And he Matvienko in the ballet based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel danced the lead role.

- Work on The Great Gatsby began even before the crisis. As far as the new economic conditions complicated the development of the project?

Alexander Field: - The dollar rose three times, and fees and royalties we pay in foreign currency. Artists did not agree to reduce the fees, and the cost of tickets, we could not improve, otherwise no one would come. It slowed down the development of the project. I had to reduce the number of people involved in the tour, while the other - to expand the range of responsibilities. The task for all team members have become more stringent, each requires a perfect result. But costs have decreased by half. Finally, I have a clear business model.During the crisis, people do not think about the spectacle. Earlier, the first bought up tickets to the balcony, and then - the average price segment, and in the end - the most expensive. Now, the balcony and the first series sold rather quickly, and the middle segment - slowly. However, the trend of the last six months - an increase in the number of events, especially domestic, as well as an increase in their attendance. Even in the most difficult time the audience you need to switch.

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