Konstantin Meladze writes music for a ballet!

The rumour in musical community that Konstantin Meladze had started to work on a new project began half a year ago. But what exactly the composer was preparing to surprise his fans  with remained a mystery. The intrigue lasted for several months. And once again Meladze surprised everyone. As it turned out, the composer was working on music for a ballet.

“The Great Gatsby” – is a new and ambitious international ballet project. Top world professionals  gathered to work on the project united not only by a wish to create a high-quality and large-scale project but also to present a fresh take on contemporary ballet. International ballet star, premier of Mariinskiy Theatre, Denis Matvienko will play the  role of Jay Gatsby in this new ballet featuring music written by Meladze. Not only does Matvienko act as a lead dancer, he is also the art-director of the project.

To work on the ballet version of the popular story written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, organisers invited Dwight Rhoden—the most in-demand choreographer of contemporary dance according to The New York Times. His work is infused with ethnic motifs, the art of photography, theatre, classical ballet, cinema, street theatre and fashion, and it makes his vision of the Gatsby story very unusual. In addition to creating choreography for his Complexions troupe, he  works with Cirque du Soleil, stages shows for Prince, U2 and Lenny Kravitz, as well as creating  dance sequences for Hollywood movies.

“Dwight Rhoden has brought the interesting sharpness of street culture into his choreography. He took ballet techniques and destroyed the rules. He made ballet sexy, exciting and fun. In his pas de deux you see a relationship between a man and a woman, many could only dream about...” Patrick Swayze once said of Dwight Rhoden. The famous actor has been the producer of the Complexions troupe for many years.

The all-star team intends to create a unique product and start a new trend in dance, while preserving the traditions of the classical school.

“What attracts me the most in the project—is the team I work with. These are awesome people and the fact I’m somehow involved in this is very inspiring. It took me a while before I got to start work. I had never created music for a ballet before. Half a year ago, I saw a ballet by Dwight Rhoden performed by Denis Matvienko. It was great! It hooked me. I realised I needed to do this,” Meladze said.

Alena Matvienko is the producer of The Great Gatsby. She says, she and her team decided to create something bigger than just a ballet and blur the frames of the genre a little. To accomplish this only the best talent was invited. It’s interesting that every participant of the project is going beyond the demands of their regular work.

The announcement for the new ballet The Great Gatsby will be a video directed by Alan Badoev. The mini-film will show a short fragment of the ballet, featuring a special track written by Konstantin Meladze. Singer Polina Gagarina has recorded a brilliant vocal for this song.

Konstantin Meladze: “The track has two parts: the first one is a 20s style jazz, while the second one is a symphonic music featuring vocals. This is where Gagarina comes in and creates a beautiful mixture of ballet and voice.”

The choreographer of the upcoming production Dwight Rhoden came to Kiev for four days especially for the shoot. Working together with Matvienko, he staged choreography for the video. Rhoden promises there will be just slight reference to the 20s style as The Great Gatsby story is timeless.

The video will be presented in March, while the ballet according to the production team promises will be staged in autumn 2014. The first premiers will be held in St Petersburg, Moscow and Kiev.