International biennale of fashion illustrations IMAGO

International biennale of fashion illustrations IMAGO will be traditionally held within autumn issue of Ukrainian Fashion Week.

As usual, the works will be presented in two nominations: “TRADITIO” (works in traditional directions) and “INOVATIO” (works in innovative directions). As for innovations of the biennale, for the first time the organizers offer the participants to stick to two stated themes, namely “Art-deco” or “Synesthesia”.

The theme of this year biennale is closely connected with such an extraordinary event as the global premier of an international ballet project – THE GREAT GATSBY ballet.

Both projects are supported by Vogue Ukraine

“The key idea of THE GREAT GATSBY project is passing the borders of any existing genres in order to create a totally new direction, not bound by any rules pr borders. THE GREAT GATSBY has joined the strongest features of the existing arts: classic ballet, contemporary dance and cinematograph. That is why we are really looking forward to see the works of IMAGO participants. We hope that our project will be able to inspire them for unique illustrations, which we are going to present all over the world within the premier tourney of THE GREAT GATSBY ballet”. Alyona Matvienko, producer of THE GREAT GATSBY ballet.

About the contest

The contest is set to support and develop fashion illustrations as a traditionally significant branch of graphic design. One of the missions of the contest is to form step by step a space of effective collaboration of graphic, media and clothes designers. That is why the organizers try to stimulate diverse collaborations of the contestants and other person interested in the subject. Contemporary fashion illustration is a complicated and diverse genre. The organizers don’t try to put the borders or to limit the space, so there are no any conditions limiting the participants. Yet, the contestants are strongly recommended to respect the chosen theme and specific features of the contest.

About the nominations

  • Traditio
  • Innovatio

The first nomination is set to stimulate traditional forms of fashion illustrations like   “traditional techniques”, “academic manner”, “historical costume”, “folk costume”, “scientific illustration” etc.

This year the theme chosen for the nomination is Art déco as a source of inspiration and research.

The second nomination is dedicated to diverse forms of experiment in fashion illustration – “author’s technique”, “innovative technologies”, “futuristic images” etc.

This year the theme chosen for the second nomination is “Synesthesia”. We consciously leave the interpreting of the meaning of synesthesia in terms of fashion illustration to the authors, yet, we recommend paying attention to the idea of integrity/ synthesis (e.g.: the synthesis of arts). A unique international ballet project THE GREAT GATSBY is a bright example of up-to-date interdisciplinary art.  - THE GREAT GATSBY  is a partner and the source of inspiration for this year contest.

Works can be applied till July 15, 2014.

Follow the information concerning the contest at the following websites:,,

Final and Awards

The final of the contest will be held in October 2014 in Kyiv within Ukrainian Fashion Week. 

International exposition of the works-finalists will not only help to present this event to the professionals and media, but also to more than 17000 guests traditionally visiting Ukrainian Fashion Week on invitation of designers, partners and organizing committee.

The authors and organizers of THE GREAT GATSBY project, being contributors to the contest’s prize fund, provide the creation and print of the album with the works of IMAGO finalists, as well as with the information about the finalists and the winners. The album will be printed in several languages and it will be presented during the performances in every country in the schedule of the ballet project.

The winners of the Contest in each nomination will get their sample of album with signatures of the entire ballet troop in the final of first night of the ballet in Kyiv.

Members of the jury board (in alphabetic order) 

Iryna Gardabkhadze (Ukraine) – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor of Kyiv National Culture and Arts University,

Galyna Kokorina (Ukraine) - Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor of Kyiv National Technology and Design University,

Vyacheslav Okunev (Russia) – National Artist of Russia, artistic director of THE GREAT GATSBY  ballet, Chief Artist of Mikhaylovskiy Theatre (Saint Petersburg, Russia), artistic director of Mariinskiy Theatre (Saint Petersburg, Russia).

Sofia Chkonia (Georgia) – organizer of interbnational project Art Georgia (Paris, France), the founder of BE NEXT international contest among young fashion designers, documentaries film director.

Technical details for participation in the contest

Participation in the contest has no profession, nationality or age limits and restrictions and it is open for participants from all over the world.

First the participants of the Contest send the previews of their works (jpg/png, max.1200X1200px; 72dpi; RGB) (3-5 pieces). The organizing committee selects the list of finalists whose works correspond to the professional level of the contest and to the set themes. The final will present only up to 15 works in each nomination.

We recommend to take into account traditional page settings for A formats (А2 , А3 , А4... ). It is important for the composition of the exposition as well as for the composition of the album with the works of the finalists. 

The finalists will have to provide high resolution digital photos for the further work with them. Finalists must provide in the set terms links for downloading their works in high resolution. 

Attention! Please send the works to the project curator - Peter Mamchych at, and at, indicating the theme of the letter - IMAGO.