Denis Matvienko underwent a major surgery

Star of THE GREAT GATSBY ballet, one of the most renowned ballet artists - Denis Matvienko underwent a major surgery on his leg.
Denis Matvienko was operated at a clinic in Tübingen (Germany). The clinic specializes in sports injuries and is well known worldwide. It is here that treatment of famous professional athletes took place,such as: the fastest man in the world Usain Bolt, footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic, footballer Bastian Schweinsteiger and other players of FC Bayern Munich.
Denis Matvienko: "Only the closest people knew about this operation. Not say I'm superstitious, but didn't want to speak about it at every turn. I have faced many different tests in my life. I have to admit that my career is the most serious one of all. Until yesterday, the doctors still could not guarantee that I 
would be able to get back on stage".

The operation took place in April 2014, and the last two months Denis Matvienko worked on the recovery. Daily training on sports machines in combination with pilates gave great results.
Alyona Matvienko, ballet producer, Denis Matvienko's sister: "We are all submerged in the work on the THE GREAT GATSBY ballet now, where Denis is not only the Art Director but also the performer of the main role. We were not sure if Denis would return to work by the beginning of production process. It was 
difficult to predict how successfully the operation and recovery would go. But we were lucky to find great doctors who, taking into consideration Denis's profession, selected the most effective treatment".

This is not the first surgery for Denis Matvienko. This injury was the result of previous surgery, during which doctors failed to notice a microcrack in his bone.
Denis Matvienko: "It is terrible to imagine that I danced the whole year with a crack in the supporting leg. That’s while being on a busy touring schedule, so the crack grew bigger from performance to performance, and from a small crack turned into a huge one. The consequences could have been very tragic. It was a challenging period, but now, thank God, all is well. In two months I fully recovered and am starting to actively return to my professional shape now. That’s despite the fact that back in April, not only was I unable to dance, I had to learn to walk all over again".

Today, Denis Matvienko has completely returned into shape and is ready to perform on stage of the Mariinsky Theatre in “Don Quixote” this July.