The preparations to the launch of an international ballet project “The Great Gatsby” have started in Kiev. The ballet, based on the story by Francis Scott Fitzgerald will include both the classical and contemporary dance to the music played by a symphony orchestra powered up by some modern musical instruments.

The choreographer for the ballet will be Dwight Rhoden - art director of Complexions Contemporary Ballet (New York). The ballet composer Konstantin Meladze wrote music for the ballet. According to Konstantin, he has hesitated for a long time before he agreed to participate in the project, as he wasn’t confident enough. The duties of the art director and the main role of Gatsby went to Ukrainian dancer and now premier of the Mariinskiy Theatre Denis Matvienko.

The start of the project has been appointed for 11 December. That’s when the video shoot for the announcing/teaser video for the ballet, which will be broadcasted on the music channels, starts. Video director Alan Badoev told the video will be made of two parts: the brilliant music in the 20s style turns into a gentle and touching melody featuring the English language vocals of Polina Gagarina.

“The main idea of the project is to take the ballet beyond the traditional art and attract best professionals, in order to get away from the usual format and expand the audience” - says the project producer Alena Matvienko.

The project turned out to be a really international one considering the list of participants so as the geography. For example, the video will be shot in Kiev, the main rehearsals is to be held in St Petersburg while the work on lights, costumes and other stage elements - in New York. By the way, the project team intends to invite a fashion designer to work on the costumes, but who would it be hasn’t been decided yet. The dancers from three countries will be playing in the ballet. Their names are still unknown as the main casting will take place in April next year. The première is scheduled for early October 2014.